25. August 2014

Still some work on the carburetor, but 99% of the work done. Now up to the last big hurdle, there German TÜV.

IMG_2274 IMG_2279 IMG_2296

Important part is now in

1. April 2014

sr-mmAfter a long time, I finally have a major update. Engine is in.

Final stage is getting closer. Carburetor came just back from cleaning, material for the seat is already there. Could be on the road in 2 weeks, will probably take another 2 years….

How to build a fender, quick and easy

31. Oktober 2012

As promised here is a small instruction how to make a fender from glassfibre quite quick, easy and also cheap. I needed a fender for my Caferacer project and I could not find a one that fitted my front tire, was financially in reach and according my esthetically likes. So I started to make one myself. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »

Small update on the BIG Project

30. Oktober 2012

Most of the bodywork is done. Still a lot of small stings to do to finish the rolling chassis. But it definitely is going forward, although in small steps. (Seatpad is photoshopped) Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »

Big project, or big mistake?

12. Juli 2012

I ride quite a bit of modern motorcycles, due to my daily job, but I never had the feeling like on my first, old motorcycle back in the days. So I decided I want an new (old) motorcycle. And because I like to build stuff, I decided to build my own Caferacer.

I decided to take a Yamaha SR-500 as the basis. First, I love singles, second it´s quite popular and you get a lot of things and information on the interwebs.

I found an offer for a SR-500. Lots of parts for a caferacer build included, engine below 30.000 km. Only one problem, cylinder must be made and new piston. Not such a problem.I bought it.

Back home I checked a bit deeper, and what I found was not so nice. Piston-rod jammed. This means the whole engine has to be taken apart and revised. Let´s see what I find next.

But anyway, I knew it would be a big project.


simplenZAR getting more complicated

26. Februar 2011

simplenZAR in Acrylic enclosure

As the name simplenZAR implicates, this thing should be very simple, but with all the cables it it is not very useful. So I decided to take this a bit further and expand my knowledge a bit. I decided to build a shield to fit the Arduino, so I could get rid of all the cables. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »


5. Februar 2011

After my first successful experience in electronics, building the MeeBlip, I was a hooked. So I decided to buy an arduino and dive a bit deeper.

My first project was a rudimentary sequencer to work together with my MeeBlip. It took me 3 days to figure out the schematiks and code the programm. It was great fun.

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New firmware for the MeeBlip on OSX

4. Februar 2011

James Graham released a new firmware for the MeeBlip, today. For exactly this reason I bought an ISP-Programmer (In System Programmer) couple of weeks ago. Because this whole microcontroler thing is quite new to me, I was a bit worried to brick my Blip, but my worries were for nothing.

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5. Januar 2011

The hackable digital  synthesizer

MeeBlipA couple of weeks ago I found the MeeBlip on some synth related sites. Because I like to build stuff and I like electronic music equipment, this small thin was the perfect combination for a nice new project. James Grahame designed this device and you can order the rather cheap diy kit for $79. For me in Europe with the rather weak dollar it was around 60 Euro. It arrived just after Christmas and I had a few days to dive into this project.

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New Egadz album, or not?!

6. Februar 2010

My new toy

A couple of month ago I stubbled over a fascinating video on youtube called „Music made with buttons“. I was totally captivates by the performance and the song and emidiately downloaded three albums from Egadz on kidwithoutradio (The have other fine stuff there, too). I also bought a AKAI MPD. So all in all a rather expensive youtube experience. Egadz has a very unique sound with his quite low-tech samples and imperfect timing what creates a incredible emotional atmosphere. Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »