New Egadz album, or not?!


My new toy

A couple of month ago I stubbled over a fascinating video on youtube called „Music made with buttons“. I was totally captivates by the performance and the song and emidiately downloaded three albums from Egadz on kidwithoutradio (The have other fine stuff there, too). I also bought a AKAI MPD. So all in all a rather expensive youtube experience. Egadz has a very unique sound with his quite low-tech samples and imperfect timing what creates a incredible emotional atmosphere.

Sadly there is no DJ Egadz anymore. His last album was therefore titled „Egadz is dead“. But he revived again under the name „Matterhorn“. His new album will be available on kidwithoutradio. The first song from the album has the same sound and approach like Egadz, so I will definitely make my order.