Big project, or big mistake?

I ride quite a bit of modern motorcycles, due to my daily job, but I never had the feeling like on my first, old motorcycle back in the days. So I decided I want an new (old) motorcycle. And because I like to build stuff, I decided to build my own Caferacer.

I decided to take a Yamaha SR-500 as the basis. First, I love singles, second it´s quite popular and you get a lot of things and information on the interwebs.

I found an offer for a SR-500. Lots of parts for a caferacer build included, engine below 30.000 km. Only one problem, cylinder must be made and new piston. Not such a problem.I bought it.

Back home I checked a bit deeper, and what I found was not so nice. Piston-rod jammed. This means the whole engine has to be taken apart and revised. Let´s see what I find next.

But anyway, I knew it would be a big project.