Small update on the BIG Project

Most of the bodywork is done. Still a lot of small stings to do to finish the rolling chassis. But it definitely is going forward, although in small steps. (Seatpad is photoshopped)

Some more pics.

I wanted to get rid of the normal speedometer and wanted an integrated speedo/lamp. But everything I could find did not suit my esthetically feeling. So I made the lamp body myself. Made from fiberglas.

I bought a fender for an SR-500 but had to realize it would not fit the tire I choose for my frontwheel. So I decided to build myself a front fender. Was very easy and quick. I will post a tutorial how to build a fender quick and easy later.

Last but not least the seat. Of course I wanted to build it myself. Was a lot of work. More then I expected in the beginning, but it came out quite nice. Also note the custom made license plate holder with integrated rearlight holder. This took me quite some time. You always see the nice looking machines without any license plate. But I want to use it on the road, so I need this. It´s the best solution I could think of to integrate it into the whole appearance.