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MeeBlipA couple of weeks ago I found the MeeBlip on some synth related sites. Because I like to build stuff and I like electronic music equipment, this small thin was the perfect combination for a nice new project. James Grahame designed this device and you can order the rather cheap diy kit for $79. For me in Europe with the rather weak dollar it was around 60 Euro. It arrived just after Christmas and I had a few days to dive into this project.

This was my first electronic project, ever. I´m able to do the some of the electrics in my house, but this was the first time that I worked with ICs and this really small stuff. The instructions on the meeblip page are very useful and it took me about 2,5 hours to complete the kit. I have to say I was rather surprised when I hooked it up to my sound system and was able to hear some sound. It was working. I did not expected to be that easy.

Because I bought the diy kit, it comes without any case. I wanted to build one myself. This was in comparison to the MeeBlip kit, rather complicated. I build the housing mainly out of wood and plastics. The basic shape and design was quickly done. I milled the front panel on my CNC router and everything went well together quite quickly. But I was not happy with the installation of the out and input jacks. There was a rather big cable chaos inside the case. I decided to make a small circuit board on my own to get rid of the cable-chaos. But this was much more complicated then expected. First I tried to design it with Eagle Cad, a free design program for circuit boards. But I had no success with this. So I draw it on my own. Took almost a day. But it worked in the end, was a very rewarding experience and, most important, I learned something new.

So now I´m playing with my new, own build synth. Because this thing is hackable and completely documented, I hope there will be some nice modifications in the near future.

If you are interested in the MeeBlip, find more information here:

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